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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance


At EPE we take pride in delivering custom machine solutions marked by unwavering quality workmanship.  We are committed to fulfilling customers’ requirements in every project we undertake.  EPE has continually demonstrated a quality process that guarantees the success of every project, and we will uphold and improve upon our quality process with new techniques and continued experience.

Quality Assurance Program

Through years of development and continual refinement EPE has created a proactive quality system that guides each phase of the machine building process.  Examples of various quality checks / methods from each phase include the following:

Phase 1 Quality Checks / Methods

During Phase 1 (Concept Phase) we use quality checks to ensure that our experience and expertise are the right fit for the project, and that we can offer a feasible and effective solution based on customer requirements. Some of the quality checks during the Concept Phase include:

  • Team-based review of initial concept and determination of feasibility.
  • Review of other potential suppliers to ensure EPE is the best fit.
  • Discuss and document customer requirements and goals.
  • Review and test sample parts and materials (when available).
  • Develop and propose multiple and alternate concepts.

Phase 2 Quality Checks

During Phase 2 (Preliminary Engineering & Quoting) we use quality checks to ensure that the initial concept is fully developed and refined.  Quality checks during this phase also help determine the best use of available technologies to fit requirements, performance expectations and budget. Some of the quality checks during the Preliminary Engineering & Quoting Phase include:

  • Develop layout / process flow of machine.
  • Determine potential manufacturing failure modes.
  • Develop timing charts for process and sub-processes.
  • Team-based equipment pricing for efficiency and redundancy.
  • Standard components verification with customer (if applicable).
  • Produce and present to customer a technical explanation of the machine or system, including specifications based on requirements and assumptions where information is incomplete.

Phase 3 Quality Checks

During Phase 3 (Machine / System Design) we use quality checks / methods to precisely formulate an integrated a manufacturing solution that meets and exceeds your technical and performance requirements. Some of the quality checks during the Machine / System Design Phase include:

  • Formal acknowledgement of purchase order and project kickoff meeting.
  • Assembly and familiarize internal Project Team.
  • Finalize failure mode effects analysis.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Functional Specification development (where applicable)
  • Requirements Traceability (where applicable)
  • 3D CAD design and analysis.
  • Perform and document final sizing, timing and force calculation.
  • Customer Design Review
  • Team-based drawing review and release.
  • Factory Acceptance Test development

Phase 4 Quality Checks

During Phase 4 (Machine Build) we use quality checks / methods to build an effective and robust machine, capable of lasting operation in our customer’s facilities.  Some of the quality checks during the Machine Build Phase include:

  • Structural Fabrication:
    • Frame and weldment member size verification
    • Dimensional verification
    • Squareness & plumb/level check
    • Weld quality verification
    • Overall structural fabrication approval
  • Parts Fabrication:
    • Raw material of fabricated parts match BOM
    • Dimensional verification
    • Tolerance verification
    • Surface finish verification
    • Change orders and red-lines submitted and processed.
  • Station / Module Assembly:
    • Purchased component verification
      • Data sheet retrieval and collection
    • Dimensional verification
    • Squareness and alignment verification
    • Mechanism and motion verification
    • Lubrication verification
      • MSDS retrieval and collection
    •  Overall station / module assembly approval
  • Electrical Panel/Enclosure Wiring & Assembly:
    • Panel layout verification
    • Cut-outs verification
    • Wire color codes verification
    • Verify fuse/CB sizing
    • Verify signal cable shield grounding
    • Verify power/signal wiring separation
    • Perform point-to-point checks
    • Panel and wiring labeling verification
    • Verify enclosures and control panels are clean and free of debris
    • Conduit entries/drip loops are in correct locations
    • Enclosure doors open freely (w/o interference)
      • Wires do not kink when control panels are closed
    • Overall electrical panel / enclosure approval
      • NEC Compliant
  • Machine / System Assembly:
    • Station / module location verification
    • Station / module squareness and alignment verification
    • Verify neat organized and routing of the following:
      • On-machine wiring / cabling (sensors, motors, valves subsystems, etc.)
      • On-machine pneumatic tubing (flexible and hard-plumbed)
      • On-machine hydraulic piping
      • On-machine vacuum and exhaust piping
    • Verify all conduit fittings are tights and have gaskets & covers installed.
    • Verify proper connection to integrated systems
    • Machine plumb/level check
    • Verify proper labeling (safety labels, button labels, station / module ID labels)
    • Confirm proper grounding
    • Overall machine assembly approval
      • CE Compliant (where applicable)

Phase 5 Quality Checks

During Phase 5 (Start-Up & Commissioning) we use quality checks to ensure that every machine / system is fully tested and demonstrates all functional and performance requirements. Some of the quality checks during the Start-Up & Commissioning Phase include:

  • Power-up verification
  • Device firmware update verification
  • Programmatic I/O checks
  • Device communication verification
  • Third-Party-System Integration Verification
  • Determine potential manufacturing failure modes.
  • Machine functionality verification
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
    • Specification Verification
    • Functional Testing
    • Sustained Duration Machine Run-Off
  • Punch List Compilation and Resolution

Phase 6 Quality Checks

During Phase 6 (Machine Transfer) we use quality checks to ensure that your machine is successfully transferred to your ownership.  Some of the quality checks during the Machine Transfer Phase include:

  • Verify operators and stakeholders are properly trained to operate the machine.
  • Verify operators and stakeholders are properly trained to maintain the machine.
  • Procedure finalization and documentation verification
  • Verify machine is completely cleaned prior to shipment
  • Verify all items are included for shipment, including:
    • Tooling and spare parts
    • Ancillary Equipment
    • Run-Off Samples
    • Material for customer-directed secure disposal (if applicable)
  • Verify machine is properly packed and secured for shipment.
  • Shipment insurance verification (where applicable)

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us about your project ideas. As a custom machine builder we always welcome the opportunity to work with new technologies.


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Engineered Production Equipment, Inc. (EPE) designs and builds custom production machinery for manufacturing applications across several industries.

  • Web Handling / Converting
  • Packaging / Pouching
  • Automated Assembly
  • System Integration
  • Material Handling
  • Matched Metal Dies
  • Industrial Controls

Engineered Production Equipment, Inc. (EPE) designs and builds custom production machinery for manufacturing applications across several industries.




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