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Custom Machines:  Design & Build Process

At EPE we execute a proven strategy to successfully complete each project. Our proven strategy consists of several phases that systematically guide each project from start to finish.  Even though we have a strategy that produces great results, we remain flexible enough to fully incorporate project changes along the way.  We even upgrade our process with new information and experience. Our strategy consist of the following phases for each project:


Phase 1:  Concept

Every project has an inspired beginning….a concept.  Some concepts revolutionize an industry, while others improve upon the “status-quo” with subtle perseverance.   Whatever the intent or potential impact may be, we exist to make your concept a reality.  And we welcome concepts with various degrees of detail, from a napkin sketch or prototype to a fully defined machine specification.

During the Concept Phase our team will help you with the following key steps:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of your concept / project.
    • Can ‘It’ be done?
    • Are we (EPE) the best choice?
      • Does EPE’s experience and expertise align with the technologies needed for the project.
      • Does another supplier offer a better solution (either custom or standard)?
  • Fully determine and understand your intent and goals.
  • Provide candid feedback on your concept.
  • Propose supplementary and alternate conceptual solutions.

Phase 2:  Preliminary Engineering & Quoting

Once the concept of your system is assessed and it makes sense to move ahead with us, we begin the Preliminary Engineering & Quoting Phase.  We consider this phase as as the most crucial phase of a project.  During the Preliminary Engineering & Quoting Phase our team works with you to refine the original concept (as needed), and fully learn and understand your specifications and requirements.

During the Preliminary Engineering & Quoting Phase our team will do the meticulous work to provide the following:

  • A fully developed concept and process flow
  • A technical explanation of the machine or system
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Service requirements and spacial requirements
  • A firm quote/estimate
  • Suggestions for optional equipment to enhance system functionality

Phase 3:  Machine / System Design

At this point all of the meticulous work and creative solutions that have compounded from concept through preliminary engineering, now become a fully realized machine/system design.  During the Machine / System Design Phase our team of engineers work together to precisely formulate an integrated manufacturing solution that meets and exceeds your technical and performance requirements.

During the Machine / System Design Phase our team will develop and produce the details of the machine / system, which include the following:

Mechanical Details:

  • Finalize technologies and platforms
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Sizing and Force Calculations
  • Materials Selection
  • Finalize Component Selection
  • Finalize Non-Electrical Service Requirements
  • CAD Detailing
  • Bill Of Materials (BOM) Generation
  • Fluid power system design
  • Drawing Package Generation


Automation Details:

  • Finalize Automation Plan
    • Motion Control Design
    • Material/Part Transfer Design
    • Safety System Design
    • Inspection & Quality System Design
    • Data Collection Definition
  • Machine Programming
    • PLC Programming
    • PC-Based Programming
    • Operator Interface Programming
  • Finalize Electrical Service Requirement
  • Final Component Selection
  • Electrical Schematic Generation

Phase 4:  Machine Build

At the Machine Build Phase your initial concept is transformed into the tangible machine / system that everyone has been anticipating and working to realize.  During the Machine Build Phase  our Manufacturing Team of skilled craftsmen and electricians work closely with the Engineering / Design Team perform nearly all fabrication right here on site. Similarly, EPE’s own Professional Machine Builders perform and orchestrate the assembly of each custom machine with dedication and the exacting performance standards essential to achieve what started as your vision.

During the Machine Build Phase our team fabricates and assembles your machine / system, which includes the following:

  • Structural Fabrication
    • Frames
    • Weldments
  • Painting, Coating and Surface Treating
  • General Machining
  • Precision Machining
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Pneumatic System Installation
  • Hydraulic System Installation
  • Electrical wiring per National Electric Code
  • Electrical Panel Fabrication
    • Controls Wiring and Installation
    • Instrumentation Wiring and Installation
  • Machine Assembly
    • Structural Assembly
    • Station / Module Installation and Assembly
    • Drive System Installation and Assembly
    • Third-Party-System Installation

Phase 5:  Start-Up & Commissioning

Now your concept comes to life.  During the Start-Up & Commissioning Phase a fully functional machine / system emerges from an exponential progression of time, capital and effort.  At this point in the process programs are uploaded, the machine is tested, the program and machine are refined and tested again to meet the satisfaction of all stakeholders.  Every machine / system is fully tested and demonstrates all functional and performance requirements before advancing from the Start-Up & Commissioning Phase.

During the Start-Up & Commissioning Phase our team performs the following:

  • Machine Power-Up
  • Upload Programs
  • I/O Checks
  • Device Communications Setup
  • Third-Party-System Integration
  • Internal Factory Acceptance Testing
    • Specification Verification
    • Functional Testing
    • Sustained Duration Machine Run-Off
  • Machine Debug and Revisions
  • Test Protocol Revisions and Finalization
  • Final Factory Acceptance Testing with Customer
    • Specification Verification
    • Functional Testing
    • Sustained Duration Machine Run-Off
  • Punch List Compilation and Resolustion

Phase 6:  Machine Transfer

The Machine Transfer Phase is a significant step in our custom machine building process.  At this point your fully functional and completely tested machine is operational and ready for production.  Now it’s time to officially transfer and deliver both the physical machine and all of the pertinent information and lessons learned for successful operation at your facility.

During the Machine Transfer Phase our team finalize the project with the following:

  • Finalize and deliver documentation
    • Owner’s Manual
      • Introduction
      • Machine Safety
      • Equipment Overview
      • Operator Interface Description
      • Operator Instruction
      • Calibration of Critical Components and Factory Settings
      • Preventative Maintenance
      • Spare Parts
      • Fuse List
    • Mechanical Assembly Drawing Set
    • Electrical Schematics
    • Pneumatic Schematics
  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Shipping
  • Installation and Integration at Customer’s Facility
  • Site Acceptance Testing Support (As Requested)

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us about your project ideas. As a custom machine builder we always welcome the opportunity to work with new technologies.


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Engineered Production Equipment, Inc. (EPE) designs and builds custom production machinery for manufacturing applications across several industries.

  • Web Handling / Converting
  • Packaging / Pouching
  • Automated Assembly
  • System Integration
  • Material Handling
  • Matched Metal Dies
  • Industrial Controls

Engineered Production Equipment, Inc. (EPE) designs and builds custom production machinery for manufacturing applications across several industries.




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